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Blog 86 Bangkok Airport to Prachin Buri

18th December

So Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore, here we go and ridden by myself on Yamaha's RT Wabash e-gravel bike. Thank you to Steve and everyoe at Raceways Motorcycles for supporting the daily blogs that will accompany the ride. In case you haven't been following so far may I by way of introduction suggest you have a peek at the below 4 min 32 sec film, it's bring you bang up to date.

The Ride So Far

So the journey across India had about it a particular flavour, worth going back a few blogs to see what I mean. There is no place like the Asian sub-continent; ie India anywhere else in the world that I know. Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Camboadia and Singapore make iup South East Asia and for the next 15 to 20 days this will be where we quest for adventure on the Wabash.

It'll be a slow start will I get my bearings, catch up a bit but this is latest 'bike portrait' taken yesterday in the setting sun. It's a bike that has given me some real adventures - and I haven't forgotten my motorbike riding, far from it, there are serious positives with bike riding over cycling, but if you're a smart thinker, there are very interesting ideas and aventures you can have with both vehicles.

My Bike in Thailand

No way, I couldn't find it

Meanwhile, I'm off to a nice and slow start, not sure how it's going to pan out. Arrived at Bangkok Airport 2am, slept on a bench, set off at 9am. Collected batteries and here we go....!

Map of the Day

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