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Nick Sanders MBE is best known for his extreme motorcycle and bicycle journeys. Nick was a recipient of an MBE from the Queen's Birthday Honours in 2020 for services to endurance motorcycling, endurance cycling and the inland waterways of Britain. 


As a motorcyclist, Nick has ridden around the world 7 times (once in a Guinness record of 30 days then again in 19 days). This was followed by 8 rides up and down the Americas (Ushuaia to Deadhorse), once in a record 21 days 8 hours which carried on to a double transit in 46 days. His mileage so far has totalled about a million kilometres.


As a cyclist, Nick has also ridden around the world twice including his Guinness record-breaking circumnavigation in 79 days. Between 1983 & Nick cycled solo across the Sahara Desert, the length of Indonesia, from Ushuaia to Quito and the full length of the River Nile and back from Cairo to Burundi. In 1986 he cycled the 4602 miles around the coast of Britain twice, the second time in 22 days, still, after 32 years it remains an unbroken Guinness record. 


As  a canal boater, as well as holding licenses to fly microlights and hot air balloons, he has also sailed a pair of traditional narrowboats on the longest such journey from the Black Country in the UK to the Black Sea. In 1987 he presented a 10 part series called 'Sanders of the Canal' for BBC TV, as well as steering quite a fat horse called Crunchie on a horse-boat journey from Liverpool to London.