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One Minute Films from the Archives

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This is the introductory 60 seconds of film (actually slightly over) that starts to explain what Nick's new blog feature is all about. A one minute reveal and exploration into various eclectic aspects of his world of biking; from meeting Valentino Rossi to riding across the Nubian Desert on an R1.

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Across the Nubian Desert on an R1

Probably thought of as one of the more unusual acts in world biking at the time. Nick’s solo ride across the notorious Nubian Desert in Northern Sudan. Riden in 2008 during his Parallel World book and DVD trilogy, this one minute captures the hardness and the fun of the journey.

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Yamaha Tracer 700 Being Made Ready for Mongolia

Yamaha's Marketing Manager Jeff Turned is the man who works closely with me orchestrating a lot of my journeys for the company. Jeff knew we were onto an interesting idea when I suggested I ride a Tracer 700 from the UK to Mongolia. Could this little bike do it? Course it could. Check out the book.

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Victoria Wood, a guest in my hot air balloon (part 1)

In 1986, having become a commercial hot air balloonist, I created a 6 part TV series for the BBC called 'Hot Air." During each programme I flew with a celebrity, but also someone I really liked and 3000ft above Morecombe Bay, we had a little chat.

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Continental tyres for World Journeys

You know, I’ve been sponsored by Continental Tyres from the very beginning of my career, actually there was a brief early fling with Avon, but always I have worked with Graham Matcham on the road and Nev Evans, the boss in the office. Think I’ve had 2 punctures one year, one puncture somewhere in Chile. 8000 miles to a rear is about average for me, nearly got 11,000 on Road Attacks on my Super Tenere. Here we are checking the rubber in Africa.

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The Amazing Life of Mr. Kev Dearne

It’s not often you bump into someone who inspires you. Sure, legends like John McGuinness and Robert Dunlop pass by every generation or so, but what about ordinary bikers who’ve had an accident and have to deal with the consequences but are determined to lead an amazing life. This is the story of that man, Mr Kev Dearne.

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Robert Dunlop talking about race nerves

One of my heros, Robert Dunlop talking about race nerves in the grass paddock at the 2004 Skerries. What I liked was how he gave me a bit of time considering he was 10 minutes away from needing to be on the start line. A consummate gentleman.

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Actions & Consequences

#13 of my top 100 life clips. This one is about family, both making them and also losing them. It was difficult time in 2004, my autobiography tells more but alls well that ends well, as they say.

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In Search of the Dakar & Timbuktu

In 2007 I led 18 riders to Timbuktu, possibly the first time a group had journeyed there. Such adventurers in time become invaluable experiences to the riders involved. This short film illustrates that importance, amplified in the book of the same name.

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Sanders Rides the World (part 1)

1985, a big collaboration with children's BBC TV. They'd never dealt with an individual cycling around the world for their Saturday morning slot and the set of programmes reached millions. This is my first big sponsorship deal and the ride became a Guinness Record, circumnavigating the globe in 79 days.

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Mad as a Box of Frogs

Celebrated personal photographer to Lenny Kravitz, David Hindley has been a mate since the early Manchester days when we were embarking on our respective careers, he also was my photographer for the book Timbuktu.

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Driver behind the rider

Taken from the autobiographical film, "Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man," Prof. Davidson talks about the drive that distinguishes people who do extreme stuff, usually at the expense of the gentler things of life - some you win, some you lose...

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Journey to the Black Sea (part 1)

Things weren't going right at home. I'd just returned from motorcycling around the world on a 500cc Enfield. I had no money and nowhere to live, so I dreamed up a project to take two narrowboats on the longest journey a narrowboat can go. Here the boats are launched in Wolverhampton.

Things weren't going right at home. I'd just returned from motorcycling around the world on a 500cc Enfield. I had no money and nowhere to live, so I dreamed up a project to take two narrowboats on the longest journey a narrowboat can go. Here the boats are launched in Wolverhampton.

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Russia (part 1)
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Behind the Scenes of the NW200

During my Biker Britain TV series in 2004, one of my best filming days was as a guest of the organisers of the famous NW 200 race on the Antrim Coast. Super friendly bunch of officials and riders. John McGuinness was there and if you listen to the off-screen commentary, you hear Bruce Anstey (I think) talking about Robert Dunlop.

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Victoria Wood & me have a cup of tea (3000ft up in a balloon (part 2)

Part 2 of my 1986 BBC TV series, "Hot Air" and the wonderful sadly departed Victoria Wood and I share a cuppa in my hot air balloon. She hated sugar (poison) and wasn't that keen on brandy snaps, but eventually I found a biscuit she really liked. Watch the clip to find out.

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Making a film without a film crew (again)

Ever since I rode around the world on a Triumph Daytona 900, I have self-filmed. So no film crew, no support, just myself with a camera and tripod. I may have been credited with started off the TV interest in motorcycle film making, but there actually is a long history of adventures being recorded going back to the first world travellers at the turn of the century. Anyway, here’s how I do it, along with my trusty drone.

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In Search of the Dakar & Timbuktu

This was probably the first group expedition into Timbuktu by motorcycle. It's amazing that even as recently as 2007, some things had still not been done. No one had ridden around the world fast before and my Triumph journey took place in 1996.

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Fastest Man saves a lizard

#12 in my top 100 little clips of my life. I saw this lizard from way away, the coke can glinting in the sun. It was an iconic moment in the film of the journey, everyone remembered this scene nearly 23 years ago.

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James Toseland on riding safely

It’s good when you hear from the best, when you get to spend a moment to listen how they stay alive on a bike, riding safely. Here are a few tips from ex Superbike World Champ James Toseland.

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Sanders of the Canal

This is an interesting film, goes back to 1986 when I was living on one of my early canal boats. Working with the BBC I made the first ever canal boat series called "Sanders of the Canal," and this is a sample of the opening titles of the first of ten shows.

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Dimitry of Moscow

I’ve met Dmitry a few times in Moscow where, with his comrade Maxim Luber, he runs his Honky Tonk Saloon and the Night Train Motel, hugely popular venues for Russian bikers. In his own way Dmitry is one of the biker adventurers of the world, always away exploring new places, a serious Russian biker on the road.

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Robert Dunlop riding with his sons

Robert talks about riding with his sons, in this instance at the 2004 Skerries south of Dublin. You see a quick shot of a young William Dunlop, now sadly demised along with Uncle Joey and Dad Robert.

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The Comforts of Madness

Oh boy, this was a hard journey - 1996, "Fastest Man Around the World" concept journey on a Triumph 900 - 31 days in total, a new Guinness Record for 'Circumnavigation by any Vehicle' not including anything that flies! Great early film, you know where to get it.

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James Toseland on British Biking
#24 of 100
James Toseland on British Biking

Ex World Superbike Champion James Toseland continues his chat with me about the state of British biking. What a nice guy. Met him a few times - on first name terms, don't really know him, but a great ambassador for British biking.

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A Study - drawing water from a well

In 2017 I rode solo from the UK across Russia to Mongolia. This film was originally screened as two 30 second films for Instagram called 'Postcards from Russia.' On the road guerrilla film-making if you like and attached to my latest book, Russia  Mongolia  Motorcycle  Me.

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Nick who? (part 1)

Nick who? Quite right. A man who has ridden around the world 7 times, more than anyone in the world right now. The length of the Americas 8 times and still going. Nick has straddled the disciplines of ultra endurance motorbiking and cycling and over the past 38 years, this is just the part of it.

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Black Sea (part 2)

Black Sea journey part 2, filmed in 1994 - no HD, no 4k, just good old fashioned S-VHS so whilst being a bit grainy, it takes nothing away from what was one of the first crossings of the English Channel by narrowboat!

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Nick who? (part 2)

Part 2 of the film that sums up the person and the spirit of Nick who knew him during the intensely productive early years. It was an eclectic mix of various journeys, books being published and commercial publicity campaigns that underlined his need to communicate what he was doing.

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Self-filming nutter! Journey Beyond Reason 2005

OMG, he’s at it again! Out comes the camera and off we jolly well go. No film crew, no reason and probably no sense but this time we’re on the 19 day record with his R1, the film aptly called ‘Journey Beyond Reason.’ This man needs a shrink…:)

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