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Designed to promote the 2004 Super Tenere these 10 short films illustrate a solo journey made by Nick Sanders in 2005 from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, the Atacama Desert and back south to Santiago de Chile.

Buenos Aires

Known as the 'Paris' of South America. The film shows up a small part of the arty San Telmo neighbourhood prior to the bike being shipped out to this elegant and hugely cosmopolitan city. Uncrated and made ready to go, the journey left the city and was made ready to cross the vast expanse of the Pampas.

Crossing the Pampas

After a novel opening countdown to this film clip, I opened with a summery of the Supere Tenere before setting up camp with my partner Dr Caroline. Further experimentation included the use of a drone before the journey crossed the plains of la Pampa. 

In Patagonia

This 2005 ride was a rare opportunity to solo, without clients and without the need to ride at record speeds. I think I've been quotes as saying, "it's the closest I've come to enjoying a holiday on the bike. Most of the time I'm sleeping on the side of the road, grabbing an hours sleep before riding through the night."

The Ride to Ushuaia

Probably the 8th time I've  ridden down to the 'Uttermost Ends of the Earth' as this region is known and Ushuaia at 54 degrees south is the southernmost city in the world. This film clip includes a profile of Moto Pablo, the famous bike mechanic known throughout Argentina.

The Café at the End of the World

There are cafés and there are cafés, and there are cafés in locations that belie belief. This one is a favourite of mine, one I've led many expeditions to. Strange how you can feel at home in a place when you are so far away.

The Carretera Austral

The major part of the famous Ruta 40 in Argentina has recently been paved, however, this far western route on the coast of Chile in the deep south has the reputation of being the last major road still under construction. This film shows the highway in its early stages of development whereby soon it will never be the same again.

"It has to be a hard journey. It evens things out. It's a bit like re-booting the way you think about the world and how you fit in ..."

Film & Music

Difficult to appreciate the 4k filming when it's been down graded to 1080HD but nevertheless, this film shows up how you can make a film without a motorcycle in it!

Paso de Sico

Included in this short clip is a recording of an Easter church service in an isolated community and a hard crossing of one of the toughest unpaved passes in the Andes, the Paso de Sico.

Crossing the Atacama

We're getting to the close of this short mostly solo journey. Dr C has long since flown home leaving me to ride slowly down the coast of Chile and also along the length of the Atacama Desert. Note, that once again, the detail is not always about the motorcycle!

The Journey Home

I filmed every step of the way from Buenos Aires to my home in Wales on a mobile phone. This clip also includes a montage of every single photograph taken on the 6 week trip.


It's been a pleasure sharing this short journey, I hope you have enjoyed it.

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