For quite a few years Nick has wanted to create a place where bikers can come along and meet fellow adventurers. He wanted almost a kind of club, where riders could plan their own journeys with expert help. So, after years of raising enough money and months of deliberation with sponsors, planners and grant authorities, his "Bikers Adventure Project" is now complete. We can save you a lot of money by helping you plan your trip more cost-effectively. 

Short Film about the Expedition Centre

The short film above gives you a rough idea about what the Centre is all about. I need to make a better film (and I will soon!) but it really is a haven for adventurers and bikers. If you come along to the Centre I guarantee I can help you plan you own holiday / expedition and save you money, but equal to that is the chance to chill, ride some super quiet roads and give yourself some quality 'thinking time'. 

DATES 2021

May 7th - 9th           Steph Jeavons Tours (off-road)

May 14th - 16th         Steph Jeavons Tours  (women only on-road)

May 21st - 23rd        Steph Jeavons Tours (off-road)

May 28th - 30th        Steph Jeavons Tours (off-road)

June 3rd - 6th          available (contact Caroline)

June 18th - 20th       MACH FESTIVAL

June 24th - 27th       available (contact Caroline)

July 8th - 11th           Fully booked by LMRC, private group

July 15th - 18th         Yamaha Dealership

July 23rd - 25th        private weekend booked

July 29th - Aug 1st    Individual Bookings *

August 12th - 15th     available (contact Caroline)

August 19th - 22nd    available (contact Caroline)

We may be able to release more dates later


3 nights B&B + 3-course evening meals with wine + 2 full riding days with Nick: depending on cabin, starting at £275

2 nights B&B + 2-course evening meals, 1 & half full riding day: depending on cabin, starting at £175


June 3rd - 6th & 24th - 27th June

Newly started. Guided tour using electric bicycle weekends at the Centre. Up to a maximum of 12 riders, accommodated in single cabins. Bring your own bicycle. 

July 29th - Aug 1st *

This is a special weekend. Individual bookings are comprised of riders not coming as part of a group. We  can accomodate a total of 12 individual riders including pillions. This is a perfect weekend to bring your pillion or partner.

Please call Caroline 07747 777455 or email her on:

Bell Tent 4

Bell Tent 4

View of the valley

View of the valley

View of Cader Idris

View of Cader Idris

Ty Haf Cabin

Ty Haf Cabin

Super summers day

Super summers day

Ty Haf cabin, lovely

Ty Haf cabin, lovely

Timbuktu Trailer

Timbuktu Trailer

Route 66 cabin

Route 66 cabin

The Dining Room

The Dining Room

The Kitchen

The Kitchen

Nick's Expedition Centre is a well established concept in motor-biking circles and as well as riding one to one with someone who has ridden around the world 7 (and a half) times on a motorbike and twice by bicycle. There are a few special extras; the home cooking is exceptional, and the accommodation is very different. Please note, during Covid rules all accommodation is for single occupancy unless for a family bubble. Talk to Caroline!


This is now a 3 bedded cabin for a family bubble only. It is immaculate and incredibly comfortable. Set in a beautiful and quiet glade between natural streams and trees, this cabin is inspired by the Pan-American Expedition which Nick led his clients during 2 occasions in 2009 & 2010 along with the double transit record when he rode 42,000 miles in 46 days. This is a must for a family 'bubble' or post Covid, a group of friends.







This spaciously bedded cabin is decorated in the style of Nick’s many USA trips. Both Patagonia and this cabin have wood burning stoves, Egyptian cotton sheets on superbly sprung beds are totally cosy after a hard days riding on roads that barely appear on a map. Spacious and with a spare bed and a worktop for computers. A lovely wood burning fire keeps this cabin very cosy.






This cabin is styled on a Welsh cottage, beautifully appointed with wood burner, double bed plus a single day bed, Especially suitable for a couple and is situated in a private area beside the organic raised beds.


Our latest and best yet edition to our group of accommodations. Double bed plus single. Extremely spacious with private terrace and wood burner. Warm as toast with private balcony overlooking the lawn. This is the special place to be, you'll love it!


The simplest of the accommodations, small and cute, limited headroom but full size double bed. In 2007 this vehicle made it to Timbuktu and back. It also got stuck up to its axles on the beach in Mauritania and also on the banks of the River Niger in Mali. If our driver and mate Jim hadn't dug it out it wouldn't have made it home. True story!


Luxuriously put together with one great big double bed - super comfortable accommodation with tons of history. Like the truck this trailer should never have gone to Timbuktu but it did, pulled along by the trusty truck. It's heavy and not at all flexible but on bad roads bombproof. As accommodation it's in a much happier place.


Fresh and breezy on a summers day. You sleep hearing nothing but the owls and a gurgling stream. There is no light pollution whatsoever. This is one of the three dark zones in the UK where on a cold night, the view of the Milky Way is as good as it is in the Sahara Desert.  Based on T.E.Lawrence's (Laurence of Arabia) love of camping with his camel we have three tents and they are premium quality, clean and dry. A super adventurous choice, these glamping nomadic wonders are seated by the orchard in a secluded wooded glade. You are outdoors but in terms of comfort hardly know it; lamp lighting, carpets and extremely warm log burning fire. Each tent is luxuriously appointed with a double bed for single occupancy or for a couple.



There are 5 loos and 3 wet rooms with copious amounts of hot water, all located in the main studio and the Biker Barn. Large wet rooms with first class facilities. With finely tuned temperature controls and heated towel rails you are hardly slumming it out here in this faraway land of west Britain. There is also a drying room should the need arise.



The food is super too, and we know you will come back for more. Tea and cakes on arrival, something warm and filling on the Thursday. Three courses Friday and Saturday and delicious breakfasts to start the riding day. This is a gourmet experience with locally sourced, home-grown organic food. Every dietary taste or need is catered for.



Twisty narrow roads without any traffic. Cattle grids and gated tracks. Minor routes with views comparable to the beautiful Highlands with cafe stops hosted by the friendliest of proprietors. What is there not to like? The video was taken on the magnificent Bwych y Groes mountain pass nearby.

Patagonia Cabin

Route 66 Cabin

Ty Haf Cabin

Ty Newydd

Timbuktu Truck

Timbuktu Trailer

Bell Tent

Not many cars on the road ...

Up the Bwych y Groes


If you would like to ride with Nick near his home, enjoy clean fresh accommodation with home cooking served up by Dr. Caroline in his studio, then either individually or as a group please contact us and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have, or indeed cater for any requirements. This is a great way to spend a weekend with friends or your favourite dealership or club.


Price: 4 days, 3 nights starting at £275 (please arrive no earlier than 3pm on the Thursday and leave no later than noon Sunday).

There is one shorter option weekend - Friday to Sunday - is now available for the first time from only £175. See you soon!

We do a really personal service and can tailor a weekend specifically for your group or club, so please contact: 

CONTACT: Caroline by email: 

or give her a ring, she's a human! 07747 777455

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