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Join Nick as he travels across Europe, Russia and arrives in Mongolia on a Yamaha Tracer 700.  In this book he explores what it’s like to travel on a bike ‘on the road' and captures the beauty and danger of being faraway and on your own. Travel across the vast landscape with its bleakness, people and places passing through the story in a short critique of thought.


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"Brilliant book. A manual for the new "Beat" generation, that are looking for the magic road. Nick's finest writing so far, honed to a precise edge, enough to make you think and to realise it's down to you to live an adventure. Buy it, read it, the rest is up to you."

Vincent Gibbon

"A great read. Written in Nick's brutally blunt manner that opens your mind to the world of a truly epic rider. Enthralling, inspiring and disbelieving all in one embodiment of his latest adventure. Nick is truly a one off. This book will leave you wanting more pages."

Vinny Pallett



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