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Blog 208 Mueng sur Loire to Compaigne

18th May

Why the upside down sign posts?

Philippe Bardy, leader of the main agricultural union, the FNSEA, in Tarn said: “Government wants us to change the way we farm; it also urges us to produce as much as possible in the name of food sovereignty. They pressure us to keep salaries high; they also demand that we reduce prices to calm inflation.” They are accompanied by the slogan 'Nous marchons sur la tête' (we're walking on our heads) to signal a world turned upside down or a policy that makes no sense.

And a beautiful ride across Paris - so many cyclists. This city has been transformed into a cycle friendly environment. There are cyclists taking control by their thousand. Paris is already one of the top 10 bike-friendly cities according to the 2019 Copenhagenize index and is sure to move up the international ladder when the new plan is implemented. What is the new plan? Well, 50 percent of public space is occupied by the car, despite it only accounting for 10 percent of trips in addition to the whole generating pollution leading to a climate emergency. So, Paris will take half of that space and repurpose it. Cycle paths will be part of that, but so will sidewalk development for pedestrians as well as park space.

From 2015-2020 the Paris cycling plan saw 150 million euros invested to double the number of cycling lanes and create a critical mass of infrastructure to spark a renewed interest in cycling as a primary means for residents and visitors to make their way around town. Now, for the next five years, the city aims to fill in the gaps and make Paris a “100 percent cycling city,” with more investment in infrastructure, the development of parking solutions, and, as the report states, the “strengthening of the cycling ecosystem.”

The investment in cycling has increased from 150 million to 250 million euros for the next five years. The plan aims to build upon the current level of 1,000 km of bike lanes, 300 km of cycle tracks, and 52km of provisional tracks as well as more than 30,000 parking stands with 1,000 spaces reserved for cargo bikes and 40,000 new secure cycle parking spaces. Other highlights include 2,400 electric charging stations on the road and 6,000 underground, as well as 10 fast-charging hubs.

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10 de jun.

Hy Nick, happy to see you happy in your cycling environment! Swissralph


10 de jun.
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