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Blog 42 Al Nazim to Riyadh

29th October

I left the Desert Resort, more of a back packers place and wound through a village back road when an old fella drove past me in his pick up and invited me to follow him. Handy because within a small enclave of what looked like coconut trees he had his house and adjacent was his toilet which I indicated I needed it and in seconds emptied myself instantly. It passed and apart from a couple of instant shits in hidden parts by the roadside this has been my only illness. But seeing this man in his home location was reminiscent of how I remembered India to be.

I rode and I rode and sometimes I get so tired it becomes impossible to think. As night fell I got off the busy highway and found a gap in the fence that separates the road from the desert and under the gaze of a full moon pulled out my sleeping back and made to sleep which is always badly when I make camp but I was alone and safely unfindable .

Map of the Day

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