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Blog 187 Jasper to Attalla

13th April

Constant undulating small hills. Bright sunny but cool day. Stormy weather tracking from the west to be near me tomorrow night but could miss it be staying east and again moving far on Tuesday. 


Coffee shops and well being stores, antique stores, the interesting areas are always away from the main thru roads which are not designed to linger. Stop, spend money, move on. What is it about Main Street stuff; it's about well being, or it's repurposed, but it's of interest to draw the visitor more deeply into a purchase. There is nothing more sacrosanct in America than making a sale. Whether its stuff that people want, don't want, it's a link to the past or fashionably contemporary, something tangible or something at a bar to help you want to watch the world go by. To associate with a memory; something that reminds you of who you used to be?

'Mine's bigger than yours....'

Americans like their own flag. Flying the flag in a garden, on a city building is about pride in the country. But "there is hopeful symbolism in the fact that flags do not wave in a vacuum." Arthur C. Clarke

Map of the Day

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