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Blog 182 Texakarna to El Dorado (Ar)

7th April

82 East is a dream road. Hardly any traffic, an ambivalent condition to making it a great road but it is 1625 miles long and that only makes it a great road. On Highway 10 alongside I-10 across south Texas there's a community; the road is their neighbourhood. The 380 had moments when as a linear community running west-east from across the southern states there was cohesion, but the forced decline of Main Streets has left only a few still trading and then only sometimes offering short hours for two or three days during the week.

A Bit of Information

U.S. Route 82 (US 82) is an east–west United States highway in the Southern United States. Created on July 1, 1931 across central Mississippi and southern Arkansas, US 82 eventually became a 1,625-mile-long (2,615 km) route extending from the White Sands of New Mexico to Georgia's Atlantic coast.

I'm trying to film but I'm finding it difficult to capture the twists of a look, turn of a head some connection with the camera but there are barriers here, of invading any privation, always in a car or a pickup. Trying to get to the shops means crossing a 6 lane highway. I wonder if people driving between lights are capable of making a decision should they need to slow or even stop should they see a human in their way.

I nearly met him; Robert J. Fulton Jr (author of 'One Man Caravan')

Robert Fulton took thousands of feet of film footage on his journeys. His cinematic take on the world as it was then is seminal filming a journey always on the move. He would have taken days off. Lounged maybe in the bar room of the Baron Hotel in Aleppo. T.E.Lawrence stayed there when passing. I once stayed in the room he always took when travelling to Damascus.

17 miles to go and there is a butterfly black on the wing but turquoise at her edges when at rest and in a series of slowing down moments her wings start to settle stretched out as if in pure sublimation to the warmth on her back which she has turned to the sun, glittering with striped silver radiant streaks shiny as a sharp knife.

Great wind unexpectedly turned to my back more now from the SW instead of SSW. 5 miles to go, more churches, clutter in gardens, half a field crammed with broken pieces of machinery. Four lane black top is generously supplied with a central lane for manoeuvres and becomes a sizeable highway not yet busy because it's a Sunday.

Map of the Day

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Apr 08

Hi Nick

Already half of the United States crossed...

Be careful today, April 8, in addition to the cars, it will be dark in broad daylight...

Jean Claude

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