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Blog 177 Post to Throckmorton

1st April

Same state trooper, different location but I recognise the wave. He was slunk back in his seat, I think his eyes were closed or maybe he was peaking cleverly but his arm went up then down as if marking out something in his mind the moment it landed in his head. And I carried on up hard rises on good black top with a nice even road and a quality hard shoulder.

I use the gears far less than my power consul. Working the power bands from Eco through standard and then the max happens 100 to 1 compared to changing my physical gear. The digital transfer of power is effortless compared to how you once changed your derailleur gear system a thousand times a day.

"One day it dawned on me I'm from Texas and that's who I am," said film actress Sissy Spacek and perhaps as I pedal through I see this in the quiet nonchalence of passing. Texas is 2.8 times larger than the United Kingdom and I've nearly crossed it and will soon be in Mississippi.

If time is used as an arbiter of your travels I am travelling too quickly, on a direct rout frustrated by the ordinary lives people lead and close to how slow the process passes me by.

Desultory woofs from dogs here on the Plains; they can't be bothered to bark. Far too chilled. Today being chased by a dog would be a welcome distraction. 92 miles into my day and briefly there is more grass and briefly as far as I can see there is no end to this flatness. Then everything is barren again. An intensely big sky and pockets of potential harvest where the land looks healthy and groomed for food to eat deeply green as long as there's water to sell.

Thunder over Haskell when I was in town. Cross routes created a need for settlements, water the horses, offer food and beer to travellers and workers, sell local goods then imported items brought in on the railroad. When routes change, crossroad villages fail at the junction dispossessed of passenger revenue and trade but instead the prosperity, the new healthcare building, the banks, a string of fine houses, neatly trimmed lawns have simply moved down the street. 

The next piece of social media to be sent out, you're the first to see it.

Goodnight. Nick

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.



Apr 05

Not much longer now Nick and fresh buns will be all yours ; )

We know you'll make it, fingers crossed the Yam will support you all the way home.



Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Very happy to see, that you charge yourself positiv again with happy moments on your trip, Nick! Go on with this happy feeling, it will come to an end. And, maybe, despite the relief of this incredible world record travelling at its end, you will miss all these unforgettable moments, while now laying in an armchair and drinking tea...

Yours, Swissralph

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