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Blog 171 Holbrook to Springerville

25th March

I was on the high plains all day, riding from Holbrook on Route 66 across to Springerville. It was a hard ride with the wind coming across my right shoulder but giving me a push and the snow was everywhere, part of 4 big storms the area has had this month. I'm at 7000ft altitude and will be up there for another two days. The forecast does not predict more snow, just dry weather cloudy occasional sun and not warm.

So it's end of winter conditions co-habiting with the new Spring which is unseasonably cool and windy. When it's not snowing it's dry. My riding gear keeps me warm, as does the simple act of pedalling. I wouldn't say my organisation is running a perfect route to New York but by fine tuning it against the weather reports and working with the wind instead of against it, and if I can also weave around the rain then we have a ride.

In Case You Don't Know Who I Am - No.1

I've done lots of adventures including riding a motorbike around the world 8 times, up and down the Americas 8 times and two other circumnavigations by bicycle, and that's just a small part of my journey portfolio. You can see my history more clearly if you click on the button.

Because nothing happened today. I cycled past snowy fields, I spoke to no one. Some days it is simply about moving to a schedule because New York is still a very long way from here.

In Case You Don't Know Who I Am - No.2

Map of the Day

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Mar 30
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Just looked at Google Maps. Shows the daunting scale of the USA leg! Add high elevation and snow! Nick you are super human.

Mar 30
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