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Blog 169 West Phoenix to Payson

23rd March

Crossing the freeway exit south I heard birds in trees, nature in the city but this is about adventure; what do I do with my life, my day, my moment. What ride shall I do right now. And go and do it. It’s the best thing.

At Avondale Friendship Park a man on a small garden truck pulled up alongside me as I was admiring a mural.

It seems that at street level there are in America a lot of 'characters'

Avondale is the place to be so I grab a quick breakfast - Skillet Hash topped with bacon and avocado and Monterey’s Jack cheese. Lots of nice cloud cover. Traffic is Saturday morning calm. 

And as I leave with a full stomach I felt happy. No kidding. It was going to be a good day. 

Word on the Street

At Scottsdale & McDowell I spotted a man with an advertising board; he was an entertainer just like me.

It's my blog so I can indulge myself, but the sound of an American locomotive is for me one of the iconic sounds of America.

Locomotive Sounds of America

A Bit of Information

The Mogollon Rim is approximately 200 miles long. Starting in northern Yavapai County it runs eastward ending near the border with New Mexico. It is the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau and the reason our area is called Rim Country.

This place called the Rim Country embraces a 50-mile radius around the town of Payson.  The area is named after the Mogollon Rim.  The spectacular escarpment rises 2000 feet above the foothills and canyons dominating the lives of all who live and visit in the area. When Zane Grey's travels brought him to Payson in 1918, he hired a guide of the pioneer Haught family to take him to the top of the Rim. "At last we surmounted the rim," he wrote in Tales of the Lonely Trails, "from which I saw a scene that defied words.  It was different from any I had seen before.  Black timber as far as the eye could see!  Then I saw a vast bowl of forested ridges, and dark lines I knew to be canyons.  For wild rugged beauty I had not seen its equal."

Next Time Check the Forecast

Map of the Day

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Hey Nick. I think something got wrong with your navigation system since you ended up in snow. Please reset! I only hate snow when I wear the wrong gear, like you now... Swissralph


You looked very smart in new clothing at the beginning of the day and then ended up in snow!!

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