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Blog 151 Cullulleraine to Balranald

27th February

I've just been asked to go to Japan. Yamaha Motors Corp. have just invited me to meet them at Head Office in Iwata; it'll be a meeting, take me out for a meal, have a few beers, offer up a presentation, get the bike prepped, ride back up to Tokyo, see what if anything we plan to do in the future. I need to get to Sydney to catch a flight and squeeze this into my already tight schedule so there will be a temporary intermission in the blogs, replaced with some not uninteresting archive footage of previous visits to Australia. Service will be resumed occasionally.

Journey Beyond Reason (2005)

Archive footage from a previous crossing of Australia. I rode around the world in 19 days 4 hours on Yamaha's YZF R1 averaging 1600kms each day, sometimes riding much more to allow for the average falling in hard places like India.

Map of the Day

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Dear friend Nick

Your trip to the Yamaha CEOs is a big chance to proof them the performance of their YAMAHA eBike, and the one of a human diver (you Nick) for this incredbidle journey, which is a world record one!! You have all cards in your hands. NO ONE ELSE WOULD DO SUCH A JOURNEY. Point.

Ford Company actually claims, that their new Ford Explorer BEV 100% electric driven car will arrive in about 2 months in a world record driving around the globe. A car with a driver. After several months. An e- car with many charging points. You are alone with a push bike with a small e-engine. With one T-Shirt, one underwear, and one rain coa…

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