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Blog 146 Kimba to Nutbush

22nd February

The journey across Australia has turned into something it was never meant to be. Instead of pacing myself in the way I had planned it’s now a non stop voyage of self discovery from looking out to looking in - to be explained in the book later. A direction turned inwards. (Solipstic)

I am in Kimba, and by the sign I have stood by many times.

I think it's my 5th time of passing ...

90 kms to go and people called Ross and Wendy, true Aussies on their travels give me water epitomising the warm hearted spirit of Australians on the move. They, like me are like the line of ants travelling from the tree under which I am sitting, sheltering from the sun, marching with great determination to a destination hidden by bits of broken branch and soil only to retrace their tracks and recommence their journey once again. I am that ant.

I am that Ant

Part of the 'Silo Tour' across Australia

And soon I am drawn to iron Knob where my bike poses against the sign.

But also where I have my second conversation of the day. I'm lying under a bush and a car pulls up, the occupants think I'm dead. In fact I learn quickly it's a great ruse to get people to talk to you.

And finally

Map of the Day

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