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Blog 142 Nandroo to Ceduna

19th February

I feel completely disconnected from everything. As if nothing matters anymore. I am beginning to ask myself ‘what is the point of this journey?’ Rides like this seem to have been relegated to an after thought that borders on irrelevance. It doesn’t fit any parameters of normal life so how can people relate to it. People dare not lose a foothold in their comfortable place, which in some ways isn't so comfortable, so the boundaries I’ve expanded as a lifestyle is stretched to a point of invisibility. I'm lacking comprehension that after 42 years of my adventuring it no longer provides a blueprint for change. I’m going around a world in turmoil trying to make sense of it. I will make sense of it. I will provide that blueprint for change.

1996- - Fastest Man Around the World project riding around the world on a Triumph Daytona 900 in 31 days, the then fastest circumnavigation ever by motorised vehicle. I stopped and saw a lizard with it's head stuck in a coke can. It's amazing what you can see when riding at speed.

2008 - Parallel World project riding the longest way around the world in the shortest time. Here is Dinky the Dingo at a very famous roadhouse

In a May 2013 story posted by ABC News, Dinky, the famous singing dingo from Stuarts Well Roadhouse in the Northern Territory, has retired to Alice Springs. Dinky has been singing to passing tourists standing on an upright piano for more than 12 years, raising money for charity.

Owner Jim Cotterill has sold the roadhouse, located 90 kilometres south of Alice Springs, to Peter Murphy, the former owner of Spud's Roadhouse in Woomera, South Australia.

Despite the sale, Jim says Dinky hasn't been performing much in the last few years anyway.

"He's suffering a bit of arthritis in the hips.

"Getting up on the piano has been a bit of a struggle.

"And he staggered on the piano a few times and I thought: this has got to stop.

"I pulled him back and said 'no, it's okay, you can retire, you've done well'.

"You've become a wonderful ambassador for tourism and equally a good ambassador for dingoes."

Map of the Day

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