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Blog #1 Quiet Start to Electric Cycling Around the World - first time ever!

Finally I have started my 11th circumnavigation. See any archive stuff and 'Interesting Links' below. Right now, a not so slow ride up the Bwlch y Groes, Wales's 2nd highest mountain pass Can't go wrong with such a beautiful beginning. The journey starts officially at Yamaha's European HQ in Amsterdam but I'm kind of getting into the swing of things, checking out the bike and my tech, as I make my way across the UK to board my ferry to Rotterdam at Hull. This will mean meeting one of my sponsors Route YC who are supporting this endeavor. We're promoting the Yorkshire Coast as a route-way not dissimilar to the more famous North Coast 500 in Scotland.

Meanwhile here I am riding a really hard hill on my Yamaha Wabash - can't deny, I love the battery power...I mean, ANYONE could do it, right! What is the purpose of this trip - well, environmentally I feel for every e-cycle ride - to the shops, wherever - is one less car ride. I'm an advocate of anything that decelerates the output of carbon emissions, that apart I'm curious just to know more and show what I see. More locally check out my new media partner, the magazine Cycling Electric, all you need to know. The blogs will increase in size and information as I get more organised and although I've been planning it for years, there is nothing better than to land full frontal into an adventure with only half a plan to keep the senses keen. Please also follow the ride on Instagram @nicksandersofficial

Thanks right from the start to the following backers without whom this trip wouldn't even get up that amazing first hill ...:)

Squire and Yamaha and Route YC ... more to follow

Thanks. Nick


But we can't forget my mates - from the left Dr Caroline (aka Dr/Mrs Sanders) Huw the sheep farmer whose land surrounds Tyntwll, the house and land, Gary the tree surgeon helping Graham the Digger on the right who looks after my place - fixing stuff, building rooms and cabins, concreting a stage area for the MACH Festival

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