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Blog 81 Birgunj to Muzaffalpur

11th December

Today I was in traffic all day. No small side roads to scoot down to get off the highway. Some days you just have to suck it all in. It's a psychodelic fairground experience where if you don't lose any body parts, you win. It's a rock and roll highway with total wipe-outs a 100 times a minute and so many spaaces between my deep breaths but the point is; it didn't happen. We know what we're doing. We know where to go, where to snatch that space for a minute amount of time before vacating it because in India with space being so valuable you are only allowed to occupy it briefly. It's a law. Too long and the space floods up with feeling. Thought a distraction. The experience of road distance, inner car distance, detailed measurements, instant calculations to outer truck distance, on the road it's only to do with distance in time and it's intimacy with space.

The Psychedelia of the Highway

Map of the Day

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Argh! 😮 crazy drivers!


Dec 13, 2023

Hi Nick

A mixture of virtuosity and courage with a little madness...

This must be the right recipe for survival in this motorized jungle.

Admiration !!!

Jean Claude


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

OMG, this is a real psycho Rock n'Roll riding asphalt surfing...

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