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Blog #8 A Blast from the Past

17th September

Castle Trebourg to Neueberg 160 kms

The castle was a place I could have stayed for a long time. There are locations like this, with atmosphere's that are serene and contemplative. I know a few and Castle Trebourg is on my list to revisit.

At Gulpen, 20 kms down the road I called into an old friend who I met in the Nubia in 2008. Joop and his wife were driving a Land Rover across Africa and we first met loading our vehicles on the boat which would sail us across Lake Aswan then again as we headed across the roadless Nubian Desert.

Joop was at home and we chatted ...

True, I did my thing and they crossed the desert in their more delightful way. Was it being Dutch, or just the smart way to travel, I could not compare but they did it in a very neat way: tent box on the roof, table dressed for dinner and always a bottle of wine.

I had no food and barely a tent. I was riding in sand across a desert no road bike had ever been ridden. The engine temperature hit 126 degrees centigrade by 10am and stayed there until the sun went down. A bit more heat and the piston chambers would have buckled. This is the film clip that Joop was talking about, the one I had to redo again to get the shot just right!

Parallel World Expedition. Nubian Desert, Sudan, 2008

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