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Blog 71 Rest Day Revival

29th November 2023

I was just about to set off this morning then I thought I've only had one day off since Athens so I'll have another one, except it's not a day off but an office catch up, preperation for my ride up to the lower slopes of Mt Annapurna. Need a permit. And set off tommorow morning.

More interesting news is I'm editing 5 films each of 25 minutes duration as I travel and the first one will be ready in about a week. I'll promote it heavily on social media as a YouTube 'premiere' and we can all get our cups of tea and slices of cake and pull up a chair to the tele and have a look in together.

The last week I've been staying in the cheapest of cheap hotels, max around £5 a night - real bed bug alley - I wake up at night itching, but when you're on the road there isn't always an option and anyway, better than sleeping out.

Anyway, as is customary on my rest days when I'm not actively cycling, here is a revival moment of my riding and being filmed in delhi in 2008 on my R1 during my 38,000 mile world trip.

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