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Blog 65 Garhmukteshwar to Rudrapur

23rd November

I get up, pack my bike and get ready to leave. So far so Groundhog Day but then, as the kitchen seems capable of the task I order toast jam and hot milky coffee. It delays me 15 mins but sets me up for the day. 143 kms to ride.

Some days I struggle with repetitive thinking - it might be related to repetitive actions. I haven't time to develop this thought but I will. And stoicism. I had another Masala Chai; always me feel better.

Getting geeky about my Chai cups, hand-made

and a slightly different shape. Lovely earthy colour

On the outskirts of Gaujrula there was a small outlet of know branded stores, locally known Coffee Day, Burger King, MacDonalds, across the road Starbucks and Costa but their tea cost 20 times more than the chai masala up the road. Even the guy at Kettle Singh wasn’t cheap. I was happy as a road rat travelling on a minimum income that in no way compared with the comparative non-wealth and the less than salubrious environment road rats find themselves. I was on the least invasive transport on the plant surrounded by traffic on an industrial scale. I stopped on an overpass on the Expressway and thi sis what I saw.

Scene Where I Stopped

Further up the highway I find an old fashioned truck drivers dhaba. As an open fronted corrugated roofed building it could not have been simpler in design. I ate potato paratha and two chai's for £1.

Almost seems normal to see three people on a small motorbike. It's so commonplace there must be a law in India allowing it. I leave you with a combo of images that I was immersed with today.

Map of the Day

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Nov 23, 2023

Wow that traffic was bonkers.


Really enjoying your writing style Nick and tales from afar!

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