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Blog 58 Agar to Kota

16th November

6am start was becoming part of my rhythm especially today as I needed to ride 193kms to reach a good hotel with wifi and an environment in which I felt happy to work up my next blog. Here in India, the difference of £15 turns your accommodation from a basic windowless room with no wifi, less than clean sheets, a rudimentary bathroom to something exemplary. I can take both, and I do.

It would also be my longest ever distance on the Wabash. After riding 1000kms a week since Amsterdam I was now sufficiently strong to ride on eco mode for 160kms in a day should that be required. Could I go further? Can the bike handle it?

I stopped for a chat and a chai with a fella wearing a turban-style head covering and wondered if he was from Pushkar in Rajasthan, and he was. Not a word of English but in the ????alphabet place names are usually similar sounding. As is also usual in such conversations they are managed with courtesy and smiles but there is little to gained by what is actually said. It’s a look or a way of sitting. A perfect pose tells you all you need to know about the subjects integrity. Not a nuance of shifty character. The Pushkar Rajasthanies are proud people.

So this fella on the poster said "f***k ***"

because he's famous and because he can,

he also said "we're better at cricket as well...."

The Musical Tractor

Listen carefully but every tractor that goes past has built in boom boxes played out at full on sound the latest Hindi film scores, it's quite hilarious. 95% of India's land is agricultural and these boys just love the attention when they are transiting from field to field. I'd like it to catch on where I live in rural mid Wales near Machynlleth, I think the lads would love to do it!

The Wabash Challenge

Not sure if I'm up for it yet, could be India is not the

right place to try, but how much distance can I get

out of this Wabash. One battery, one pair of legs. Is

tommorow going to be the day? I bet Heather and

Kevin at Mitchells Motorcycles wold field your call.

Free Book from me to the nearest mileage guess

Tel: 01463 233478

Map of the Day

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Nina Plumbe
Nina Plumbe
17 nov 2023
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Loving the Indian blog...

Me gusta

17 nov 2023
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The man smoking the Rajastani 'gasper' is so elegant, like a 1940's Hollywood star. I hope the hotel at the end of your 193km ride today is what you deserve. You'll make it - I know - you are the most determined man I have ever known! Ride safe, sleep well !

Me gusta

Steve Turner
Steve Turner
17 nov 2023
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Well if you need to get to the hotel Nick and it's 193 km away then I reckon you'll ride 193 km today! You're nothing if not determined!

By the way, loved the way that chap puffed on his ciggy! 😆


Good luck today Nick with not too many distractions.....I've got a book to win...😉

Me gusta
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