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Blog 46 Haradah to 2nd Gas Station

2nd November

I've been scammed

I'll be honest, I can't remember today - sure I'm in the Saudi Arabian desert, but that night in my small hotel I made a loan payment of £3900 to whom I thought was my son and it was not. I had been scammed and the money is lost with no chance of it being returned. The assailant knew I was travelling, knew my son's telephone number and knew how he spoke on the phone. Be careful.

This money is a lot for me, I'm not a rich adventurer, quite the opposite...but rich in spirit perhaps, so please buy my book to help me get back some of this money. Thanks.

Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man (3 min film)

This film is about the story of my life up until 2008 and the above book, vol 2 is more about the motorcycle part of my life and also a journey when I sailed two English narrow boats on the longest journey undertaken from the UK to the Black Sea

Map of the Day

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