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Blog #4 Across The Pennines

Cheshire to Derbyshire's already started hasn't it? Just not quite going around the world yet because we have an arbitrary start line at Yamaha's European HQ near Schiphol Airport. Then it starts, right? When I've been waved off not for the first time but finally and o. On a bike that has cost €15m to develop and me, the rider to ride it.

Meanwhile still in the UK I am heading to see my friend Bruce. I flew my hot air balloon into one of his fields and had no where to live spent months sleeping in the back of my Land Rover with my dog. I moved into Bruce's back room attic not having been habited since 1942. For four years I ballooned from Bruce's place, swopping rides for rent.

Bruce's Film

Dan & Keri @Reverie Trading Co

Later that early evening I was sitting with my engineer friends Dan and Keri. Now living in Weaverthorpe they relocated their industrial workshop from a tradicional narrowboat. We listened to Beautiful South play a track called 'Rotterdam':

This could be Rotterdam or anywhere

Liverpool or Rome

'Cause Rotterdam is anywhere

Anywhere alone

Anywhere alone

The Beautiful South

I said to Dan that I'll be calling in on the way back and we'll play that song again and it'll be like I was never away. The surreal is sandwiched between what we feel comfortable with and whatever it is we don't know. David Bowie said his songs are all to do with personal crises, "I'm sure," he said, "that I manifest in a song format and project into physical situations. You make little stories up about how you feel. It's as simple as that."

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