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Blog 30 Halat Ammar to Tabuk

14th October

Hotels are not evenly spread across this vast landscape so to go beyond Tabuk would mean another night under the stars but my equipment needs charging, my blogs need writing and I need a good nights sleep. I am without batteries for the bike just now so it is a hard ride and to be fair to Yamaha this is not about an ordinary human powered ride, it is about presenting to the world an electric bicycle that if good enough to be ridden around the world, it's good enough for folks back home to ride to the shops or go on their own wonderful adventure.

Nothing happened today except it got hot and then hotter. I rode a mere 65 miles but the tail wind turned from the north to a westerly, hard for today but as I turn west tommorow I am hoping the wind direction will keep to that trend. But it's all about keeping focus, keeping the mind alert in sand fields of nothingness, where the the bluffs seem unreal and the rocky outcrops suddenly appear, places on earth on which no one has ever stood, because when you look again, they're not there.

View from my Handlebars

It was a short day. Just getting used to the desert riding, to the heat. I had a thought that maybe, no, most likely I was the only cyclist cycling across the Middle East that very moment. In the whole of Saudi Arabia there was only one person on a bicycle riding across this dusty plain.

Map of the Day

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Nina Plumbe
Nina Plumbe
Oct 20, 2023

Why do you not have a battery? What has happened to the battery? Surely the battery should have lasted longer.....Its storm something here and the rain is lashing and wind howling so we are all indoors playing internet!

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