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Blog # 25 Sun Hotel Kineta

6th October Rest day

I don't know why I stopped, maybe it was the welcome from the elderly lady proprietor of the Sun Hotel by the beach at Kineta. She simply smiled and said 'welcome!' and I was won over. That night I heard from a dear friend he's had a brain bleed, never not serious. The problem with belief or passion or that simple colossal determination blinds. My focus on this ride is so sharp it's ability to rationalise all other aspects of my life that keep me safe is not prioritised. My periphery is a blunt jungle of discordantly loose strands of unlistened to knowledge. I fly to Tel Aviv in a few days to start the second of what is 7 legs and Hamas and Israel have just declared war with each other. Hamas is shooting local people in the exact towns and villages I was due to visit in a few days. My thoughts are never to stop but look at changing route to Amman across the King Hussain Bridge then turn south to Saudi Arabia....

Meanwhile during this rest day I collated my film footage, labelled it, filed it and laid some of it on my timeline to create some idea of what it continues to be like on the road. As I approach the end of the first leg from the UK / Amsterdam to cross Europe to Greece, I will post more film before we start again very shortly.

General Map of my Last Known Position

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