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Blog 200 Alfandega da Fe to Salamanca

29th April

The bike has not had a single mechanical issue in nearly 30,000 kms. One single chain change, one change of brake pads, same derailleur, one change of rear drive mechanism and one tyre change - Schwalbe having replaced Maxxis - I changed them in Athens and they lasted until Sydney. Maxxis briefly but they kept puncturing so went back to Schwalbe at Roswell and have the same tyres across the USA until here, and they will easily get me home. Think about that - two sets of tyres to ride around the world.

The motor has not missed a beat, the batteries have given out a steady wattage which has remained at a constant power output throughout the ride and no deterioration of charge.

Portrait of a Bike

And then I can ride on the dirt tracks of Spain in isolated parts with confidence. When I rode Maxxis tyres I was constantly in fear of puncturing, admittedly in high risk areas along the hard shoulders of interstate highways, but the rubber was too soft, surface area too wide for my use and when I went back to the narrower and harder German brand the punturing stopped immediately.

The Plaza Mayor (English Main Plaza) in Salamanca, Spain is a large plaza located in the center of Salamanca, used as a public square. It was built in the traditional Spanish baroque style and is a popular gathering area. It is lined by restaurants, ice cream parlors, tourist shops, jewelry stores and a pharmacy along its perimeter except in front of the city hall. It is considered the heart of Salamanca and is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful plazas in Spain. To think the UK left Europe disregarding the history and beauty of places like this.

And so, a few more miles ridden, slowly getting closer to home.

Map of the Day

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Joop Bormans
Joop Bormans
5 days ago

I think you can already smell the barn Nick!

Good going.


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