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Blog 170 Payson to Holbrook

24th March

At the top of the rim I am stuck in snow. It’s freezing, conditions almost nil visibility. Cars going past fast and close, the road is feeing slippery. I should have stayed south. I feel stupid. Schoolboy error not checking the weather, but snow was not forecast. Weather swirls around here as if in a bowl. I’m cold, Beginning to feel seriously cold to the core, shivering. Slipping, cars by my side, almost rubbing against me but at speed, no hard shoulder just two lane. This is the most dangerous moment on the journey so far. My emotions lead my life, they are my guiding view and make me fallible to outside processes I haven’t taken into account. Yes that sounds great but don't check.

I make it to Heber, a tiny town straggling along the 87 East and I drop in to the 3 Bears Cafe to a gorgeous warm welcome. As humans Americans are kinder in hospitality than as road users. I sit down and charge an already discharged battery, have hot coffee, a breakfast pie and lemon water. The ladies help me with my directions; there are too many canyons to cross to go south from here so best to stay on my trajectory to New York. Well I don't know. I just hope the weather improves, no snow tomorrow. Should I head out north to the I-40? Unsure. A sheriff sitting at a table near me confirms it’s legitimate to ride a bicycle on the I-40 in Arizona. The snow has stopped. The wind is behind me. It’s still cold, I’m heading North East with a full stomach and Ive warmed. Michelle the café owner was a lovely American.

3 Bears Cafe. Heber, Arizona. USA

Map of the Day

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Mar 28

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

You don't think of Arizona as being cold. Just coyotes, cactuses and very hot. The pull of home will get you through it Nick! You're tough! In fact I was thinking...I don't think you've had a drop of rain in the trip so far have you? Here's ☕☕ a couple of flat whites to warm you up...


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

What a most lovely reception from Michelle!


Im the same i hate being cold but at least you found a nice cafe to warm up.

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