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Blog 155 Binalong to Mittagong

2nd March

Kieran, cook at the Hotel Binalong gave me a couple of sandwiches wrapped in tin foil and I left along Fitzroy Street to the junction of the B94  turning left towards Yass on the Burley Griffin Way. The parrots were chatting away asking me if I was ok and I wasn’t. There are family matters that make you inconsolably sad where you feel you are slipping down a hole so dark and deep the world is like cave out of which I'll never crawl. Then I read the newspapers and admonish myself for feeling so self pitiful.


It was a cloudy day and the temperature had not yet risen. The character of a day that starts off cool only to become a burning oven baking your thoughts as you might cook a crisp, always comes as a surprise. Everything felt charged with the energy that is necessary to create such heat and on a road that held no hope nor consolation, today I was set to ride my final push in Australia before the run in to Sydney the following morning.

Map of the Day

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So nearly there....Sydney!!

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