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Blog 135 Norseman to Belladonia

12th February

Just riding. Didn't write today. Just the long hot road but then I met these guys, so kind but then the whole trip has been full of kind people. No drama, just riding around the world peacefully and calmly.

The Maintainance Workers



Map of the Day

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top man


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Twelve hours of riding for 195 km. In that heat. Exceptional.


Big (hair) day Nick!! Well done, 120! In that furnace too! At least you could leave your hair dryer at home..

The last time I was in a roadhouse was on the west coast, to take shelter from a storm. There was a pool table and we discovered that as you slid the money in on the slider and pulled it out again to release the balls, the money was still my wife and I played free pool all evening!

Go well Nick!

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