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Blog 123 Nakhon Si Thammarat to Songkhla

28th January

I'm building up to something, I can tell myself. Bit edgy. Want to get on. 183 kms hardly any stops. Straight roads, super flat, modest traffic flow everything calm. Just how I like it.

Thinking about crossing Australia. Height of the summer temperatures maybe beyond 40 centigrade and upwards at the centre of the Nullabor, only maybe calmed by sea breezes from the south and east. Cooler but against me. Perhaps by noon they could be more prevailing from Perth.

The Route across Australia

My head has begun to move on from Thailand and I'm now using her roads to train up the next part of the ride. To ride across the Australia continent as quick as I reasonably can. Take the bike to it's complete limit. Right on the edge of breaking. Hottest roads, non-stop riding, will the battery, the engine or the rider cope with the added initiative to ask the question; is the Wabash the most durable electric bicycle in the world?

I'm so tired. I have to sleep. More tomorrow. But tommorow I am maybe planning a long ride; the longest so far!

Map of the Day

The longest day of the ride to date - 113 miles but incorrectly labelled, should read Nakhan Si Thammarat to Songkhla

Postcard from Home

My fabulous neighbour, Huw Thomas of Nant y Gaseg Farm just over the way from me, he has all the land around me. He's been my neighbour for 25 years.

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