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Blog 120 Bangsaphan to Mu Ban thara Thong

25th January

Raining again. I get up warm and dry and 20 minutes later I am standing in heavy rain soaked to the skin dripping wet before I turn a single pedal.. Not warm rain. But it’s fabulously cool and there’s no traffic. I hear the sound of the sea, the soaking up of water crisply on the shore, it travels with me for a while, ululating between the bark and the branches in a strong breeze. I'm cycling along the coast of eastern Thailand and for the first time have just found the sea, the Siren of which was whispering to me so stay and slow down. To stop maybe but just for a while. The trees between the cycle path and the beach separated me from the sound and I suddenly became aware how the journey has to keep to a schedule and I haven't got a day to spare.

Showing easier than Describing

Two lane now but good hard shoulder few cars. I can hear the bike now there's no traffic. 

Wind drops, when a bubble of warm air engulfs me and I'm warm and content and feel connected with the ride. After hours on the bike the body feels things. You're living on the bike. Move around, check position, glasp, grin, release, whoosh, tense and breath calmly. Watching everything all of the time. Not the time not to know when a truck catches you and you are not quite back to the board.

Map of the Day

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25 gen

Hi Nick

Despite the rain, your enthusiasm is there and the trip is still just as magical...

Jean Claude

Mi piace
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