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Blog 117 Bam Na Lom to Hui Hin

22nd January

There is always a narrow slope-sided drainage ditch alongside or close by. When it’s flat everything exists in straight lines. It’s all angular, even the moments are measured as heavy monster vehicles from Warhammer pass by in pulses, groups of vehicles released from the lights a haze of exhaust fumes and tyre sounds only sweetened by topiary which is everywhere. Photographs of the Kind and Queen are adorned by neatly trimmed ornamental bushes on roundabouts, near important junctions and other places that just aren't importantIn Thailand there are beautifully groomed highway gardens but I also like the tree across from me where new shoots are governing the space all around a neglected column of neatly stacked but dusty old tyres.

Lots of 'Hidden Wows' if you Can Find Them

I passed Malai farm, they had a few sheep. there was no elephant crossing the road and the cows were made of stone. 'Camel Kingdom', was a high arched high domed pastiche of North African Arabian architecture but overall I was besotted by the road for it's ordinary dullness.

The dogs come up beside me barking, growling, I shout and it shocks them, instant confusion in their eyes when the white friendly dog with cute brown patches changes from friendly curious dog to bare his teeth.

Areas are abandoned, pumps ripped out of decaying gas stations, everything shut until further on this innocent looking piece of black tarmac allows me to ride all the way to Singapore, 8 lanes on Highway 3218, the traffic has all slowed and it is mellow, A medium sized shrine stood opposite to a builders yard, while not selling shrines did sell the concrete to make them. We’re getting closer to source. I carried on. Sun setting. Motorbikes fly past in clouds of black smoke so toxic a single breath makes me want to vomit

Map of the Day

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