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Blog 111 Krong Svay Rieng to Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

January 15th

Vietnam and into Cambodia

Sometimes there just isn't too much to say except that travelling and adventuring can be like a 'Comic Book' caper or a 'Marvel' adventure or the simplest of stories which is where I position this journey. But all journeys follow a well trodden path.

The Hero with a Thousand Faces (first published in 1949) is a work of comparative mythology by Joseph Campbell, in which he coins the term 'Monomyth' in which the author discusses his theory of the mythological structure of the journey of the archetypal hero found in world myths.

In his publication he describes the common heroic narrative in which a heroic protagonist sets out, has transformative adventures, and returns home and thereby passing on the quests secrets to anyone who is interested for there own further transformative possibilities. This is how it looks academically from his perspective, and I assure you, anyone can fit into this treatise.

Stage 1: Departure

  1. Call to Adventure: The hero receives an invitation to go on a quest.

  2. Refusal of the Call: At first, the hero hesitates to accept the invitation, either because the journey is too dangerous, or because they have other obligations at home.

  3. Supernatural Aid: Someone the hero looks up to inspires them to accept the call to adventure, or gives them tools that will help them on their quest.

  4. Crossing the Threshold: The hero begins their quest and leaves the ordinary world and their everyday life.

  5. Belly of the Whale: The hero encounters the first real danger in their quest, and wonders whether or not to turn back—but ultimately pushes forward.

Stage 2: Initiation

  1. Road of Trials: The hero undergoes several trials and learns from their mistakes.

  2. Meeting With the Goddess: The hero meets a mentor figure or ally, who offers help or advice.

  3. Woman as Temptress: The hero encounters temptations that threaten to steer them away from their heroic journey, which they must nobly avoid.

  4. Atonement with the Father: The hero undergoes a personal metamorphosis by confronting an aspect of their own character that has been preventing them from achieving success, such as their own fear, greed, or self-doubt.

  5. Apotheosis: The hero transforms into a better person, and goes forward with new insight and clarity on what they must do to win.

  6. Ultimate Boon: The hero achieves victory in their quest.

Stage 3: Return

  1. Refusal of Return: At first, the hero is reluctant to go back to the familiar world after their exciting journey and transformation.

  2. Magic Flight: Even though the hero has achieved victory on their quest, they still face dangers as they try to return home.

  3. Rescue from Without: An outside ally or mentor helps guide the hero safely home.

  4. Crossing the Return Threshold: The hero returns to the familiar world, and tries to adjust to their old life.

  5. Master of Two Worlds: The hero finds a balance between their home life and the person they become on their quest.

  6. Freedom to Live: The hero gets used to their normal life and lives peacefully.

If only life could imitate art more closely ....

So I entered Cambodia from Vietnam - the Cambodian guards kind of laughed at me, this obviously not young person on a bicycle looking hot and flustered on around Day 130, it could be more ....

Riding into Phnom Penh

And yes, I'd ridden from Nepal to here without any rear brakes guessed it, I didn't carry a spare set - dork, right? Judicious sleuthing from friend Mike as part of 'Team Nick' somewhere near Llandrindod Wells in mid Wales found a 'Trek' bicycle dealer in Phnom Penh.

New Rear Brake Shoes for the Wabash

Then I got some food

You just arrive, grab some food, anything, just got to eat, octopus will do. Avocado shake from across the way - nutrients - the lot for less the $5 and straight to a back street hotel near the Royal Palace, sort out a blog, sleep, repeat.

Map of the Day

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Jan 18

Hi Nick

The road will finally be able to be more serene and safe with brakes OK again...

Jean Claude

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