Since I can remember, maybe when I was 18 or so I have always hung around narrowboats and canals. I lived on one for 15 or so years and over time have woven them into my adventure business. In 1990 the BBC filmed my 6 part TV series called 'Sanders of the Canal' and later BBC Look North West filmed a horse-drawn boat journey I conceived which would travel from Liverpool to London and back. Cadbury's were my sponsors and with a horse called 'Crunchie' we retraced the original route of the 'Chocolate Run' whereby raw materials such as sugar and molasses were collected at Stanley Docks only to be processed at their Bourneville factory. Later I motored my pair - a motor and a butty - from the Black Country to the Black Sea to create what was and still is, the longest narrowboat journey in the world.


Now, having motorbiked from the UK to Mongolia twice in the last 12 months, my bike has been transported by truck across Russia to my home in Wales and from there I am carrying it personally on the same boat that went to the Black Sea and alongside with my partner and her butty, we are creating occasional Canal Stories as we travel here and there. The longer stories are situated on the left below and the short trailer-style 30 second examples are on the right.

CANAL STORY #1 - Making Jam (7m 34 secs)                                   CANAL STORY #1 - Making Jam (30 secs)

So programme 1 is called "Making Jam". Butty steerer Dr. Caroline is adept at steering her butty, a boat built in the style of the famous traditional narrowboat, Ilford by master boat-builder Roger Fuller. This first journey takes us from Taylors Boatyard in Chester and onto the Llangollen Canal whereby Caroline forages for damsons and, makes jam!

Short 30 second trailer.

The second part of this sort of small epic journey from Wales to Birmingham is happening! The Tracer 700 sits on the tug deck of Nick’s boat as he pulls Dr. Caroline’s butty and crosses the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage site, the Pontcysyllte Aquaduct. Now we are well on our way taking this lovely bike which was ridden to Mongolia and trucked back to Wales, now transported by canalboat down the Llangollen Canal to Motorcycle Live in Birmingham.

Short 30 second trailer.

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