The Secret Highway


Since I can remember, maybe when I was 18 or so I have always hung around narrowboats and canals. I lived on one for 15 years and over time have woven them into my adventure business. In 1990 the BBC filmed my 6 part TV series called 'Sanders of the Canal' and later BBC Look North West filmed my horse-drawn boat journey from Liverpool to London and back. Cadbury's were my sponsors and with a horse called 'Crunchie' we retraced the original route of the 'Chocolate Run' whereby raw materials such as sugar and molasses were collected at Stanley Docks only to be processed at their Bourneville factory. Later I motored my pair - a motor and a butty - from the Black Country to the Black Sea to create what was and still is, the longest narrowboat journey in the world.


The Secret Highway is a new blog that just starts an who knows when it will end. Because of Covid-19 and the restrictions placed on international travel, the idea of adventuring closer to home is even more appealing and available to everyone. Along with Dr Caroline as butty steerer, I hope you enjoy our story

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