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I've ridden this route from Patagonia to Quito by bicycle in 1990, but have ridden the whole length of the Americas by motorcycle 8 times since.  I hold the 2 way record for what you would call a 'double-transit' ride of 51,200 kms in 44 days 4 hours.

This is an epic journey by electric bicycle - never done before - and if you are interested then please get in touch. Each leg will last 30 days, be approximately 4000 miles in length and cost around $5k. This ride is for serious riders only please and any exploratory interest should be directed to: thankyou.

7-Short Summer in South America copy.jpg

One Date: Sep - Dec 2023

Americas map 3.png

Stage 1. The journey starts in Deadhorse, Alaska, 1st Sep 2023 to travel down the Alcan & the western seaboard of North America to San Francisco, Big Sur then end at Laredo on the Mexican border.

Stage 2 takes us across Mexico and across each of the Central American countries and to include the 5 day boat sailing from Panama to Carteghena, ending in Quito

Stage 3 continues from Quito to cross Peru, into the Highlands and then Bolivia, La Paz and over to Sucre and back down across the Andes to Chile

Stage 4 will cross the Andes once again then the Argentine Pampas before returning over to the Carreterra Austral and south to Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego.

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