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Blog 140 130 kms before Nullarbor to Nullarbor Roadhouse

17th February

After packing everything away I slept well, the next morning I had a big breakfast at Eucla and bought cake at the Border Village nicely wrapped in a small takeaway bag then left it somewhere by the roadside as I repacked a bag. Little things make you both happy and sad, the veneer of need is shallow but just as strong were it deep.

There is a sense of sameness to this part of the journey. The challenge is physical and mental. There is no let down in the strength of the headwind. There is sea mist across the road. There is the deep rumble of the sound of the sea crashing against the cliffs.

Stopped in a rest place with a table where a car and caravan were parked. The occupants were enjoying their breakfast whilst I heated water for my pot noodle. After half an hour the fella came over, a proper grey haired paunchy gent and he gave me a cucumber, the remaining veg that because of strict quarantine regulations enforced at the border with Western Australia, would otherwise have been throw away. "Make sure you put us in your book,” he said handing over said veg, smiled and drove off. I promised I would. So after shovelling down another fat sausage, here it is in my book - 'thanks for the cucumber mate', after which he drove off.

Camping at Nullarbor Roadhouse

Map of the Day

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Steve Turner
Steve Turner
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One of the few positives about the Nullarbor, ('no trees'), is that you don't need to have your nose pressed against the sat nav or stop for too many traffic lights..😁

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