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Blog 138 Madura to Madrabilla

15th February

Broken though my sleep had been, by morning I felt good to go, except it was still dark and the road trains were up early. It was still dark. A guy I'd met the previous evening let me charge my battery in his motel room while I slept in my tent in the bush nearby. I was accustomed to sleeping wild and hadn't taken a hotel room since Perth. So, the following morning I went to retrieve my battery unit and when Doug vacated the room to drive west he said I could use the shower. There were three beds in the room but the invitation to bunk up in one of the singles had not been forthcoming so I made myself a cup of tea instead. After washing I lay on one of the beds and closed my eyes for a few minutes and by a process of simple self hypnosis pretended I’d had a comfy nights sleep, drank a second cup of tea, closed the door and set off. 

On the road I am overtaken by Road Trains, trucks with three trailer units pulled by a front cab. The drivers are incredibly considerate to cyclists always giving me a wide berth but just sometimes, perhaps twice, drivers have been obstinate or simple so tired they didn't see me and missed me by the width of my arm until I threw myself off the road and into the bush.

The Road Train

Map of the Day

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Any kangaroos yet Nick? I must say that I would have offered you a bed in the room without share some tinnies and hear your travelling tales. 🥂's a parrot in lieue of a kangaroo....🐦

Keep those pedals going round!! Well done!


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Nick, impressive these turbulations from the super heavy lorries. I like especially the part in your vid when your YAMAHA falls over due to lorry turbulencies...!


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