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Blog 129 Yong Peng to Singapore

3rd February

So here we are, the last blog for South East Asia, a near 6000kms circular ride that started in Bangkok and passed by once again on the way down to Singapore having ridden through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. The traumas, perils, tribulations, excitement and moodiness of the ride laid bare. Except not so bare when you consider my mileage has risen to 180 kilometre days peaking at 203 in south Malaysia.

This is my last blog for South East Asia, I'll take a day out in Singapore to sort out flights and some kind of plan for the next leg which is Australia, so we'll start again slowly from Perth. Thank you for following me so far. And thanks to Raceways Motorcycles over there in Fleetwood and if want a Wabash, you know where to go.

Map of the Day

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Gary Lang
Gary Lang
07 feb
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Well done Nick for your journey so far. Thanks for your informative diary. Good luck and onwards to the Land down Under.

Me gusta

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Nick, superbe video this last one! It shows right away what I have mentioned in my last comment: Your adventurous voyage against odd office and non exciting every day life!

To all Ozzies: Please wave and welcome our dear Nick while crossing Down Under!


Me gusta

07 feb

Hi Nick

You have arrived at the end of this Asian journey...

You made us dream...!

In Australia finally you will understand your interlocutors again, the loneliness will be less heavy, the road signs will be obvious to you again.

Have a good flight to the land of kangaroos which I look forward to discovering day after day as you embark on your adventure.

Jean Claude

Me gusta

Made it...expect you are in Perth by now..!!

Me gusta
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