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Every day of your life you have a choice. Do you play it safe? Do the regular. Do you stay within the confines of what you know, or, every single day do you chase something new? 


It might be a dream. Something small. Ordinary maybe. Definitely an idea. A vision possible, always improbable but 100% an adventure unique to you. Nick Sanders made the choice that was right for him. It’s ordinary and it’s extraordinary. This is his film.

Extraordinary Life - trailer 1

I met Robert Dunlop at the Skerries in 2004 during my filming of Biker Britain. He proved to be a delightful and humble family man, quite the opposite of what I'd expected.

Extraordinary Life - trailer 3

Ex Yamaha marketing manager Geoff Selvidge, the man who signed me to Yamaha, examines the worth of Nick's exploits and its worth to the UK motorcycle industry compared with Valentino Rossi.

Extraordinary Life - trailer 5

This trailer looks at my first record ride on a bike in 31 days, and includes discussions with ex partner Prof. Davidson and ex cycling coach, John Jenner.

Extraordinary Life - trailer 7

Yamaha's Marketing Manager Jeff Turner describes what it means to the company when I rode their flagship R1 around the world so many times.

Extraordinary Life - trailer 2

Photographer David Hindley discusses his lifelong knowledge of Nick going back to the early days of his career.

Extraordinary Life - trailer 4

UK television stars 'The Hairy Bikers' gave me a send off from South London for a massive world journey called Parallel World. Present Yamaha marketing manager Jeff Turner discusses Nicks worth as a sponsored adventurer.

Extraordinary Life - trailer 6

Life in the Nubian Desert. I rode my R1 across this roadless region in temperatures approaching 50 degrees centigrade. This was the first crossing of it's kind ever and interestingly on Continental Road Attack tyres not suited for this purpose.

Extraordinary Life - trailer 8

This film tries to illustrate the kind of psychological madness that seems to invade extreme projects of all kinds, with particular reference to my 1996 'Fastest Man Around the World' ride, original footage shown here.

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