A 16 part short film clip series about some of Nick Sanders’s riders who he led up and down the longest highway in the world, the Panamericana. Some of the clips include his own record breaking exploits, but of great interest are the brief stories of his riders, self-told in a charmingly random way. 

Riders of the Americas #1
The Start

Riders of the Americas

Nick Sanders begins his latest marathon expedition leading 15 riders from New York over 16,000 kms down to Mendoza in Argentina. The route crosses the USA, Mexico, central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina & Chile. This is the start.

Riders of the Americas #2
The Curious Case of Mr Eckton

One of the riders always seems to get lost and always seems to find his way back to the group again. A man who drives a lorry for a supermarket by day who in his alternative life becomes a sort of world class adventurer prepared to give up everything to pursue his dream. When his bike is working that is!

Riders of the Americas #3
Bikes that Break Down & Riders Who Fall Off - part 1

Bikes that break down and riders that fall off them. This is a theme that never seems to go away. You give someone a bike and a long distance journey and they seem hell-bent on falling off or even coming along on the wrong bike!

Riders of the Americas #4
Bikes that Break Down & Riders Who Fall Off - part 2

It happens more than it should, but riders fall off usually when their bike is too big for them or they are so overloaded with junk and crap that they never use they cannot actually lift their bike without the help of 4 or 5 men. What is that all about gentlemen?

Riders of the Americas #5
Central America

The 2017 Pan Am ride enters Central America and this film clip attempts to engineer the flavour of what it’s like to cross so many countries in as many days.

Riders of the Americas #6
Not for the Feint Hearted

A Nick Sanders expedition veteran, Alan Clunnie explains the difficulties of riding on a journey which is not for the feint hearted, but is 100% something anyone could accomplish if they put their mind to it.

Riders of the Americas #7
Life in the Desert

Along the route in the Desert de Sechuro in northern Peru families make a living by being industrious and self contained. Their ducks and wildfowl are in the back yard, their water butts filled with what rain that falls and the whole family is ‘hands on deck’ to feed and care for passing travellers.

Riders of the Americas #8
Butch Cassidy Story

In 2012 I rode with my partner Dr. Taylor around Patagonia and came across the hideaway of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid somewhere near the Argentine town of Choilla. I feel a story, separate to that of the bike is essential. For me, travelling is not just about the bike, it’s having purpose, maybe a mission to explore and be informed. We will experiment with this in the near future.

Riders of the Americas #9
Life Changing Journey

Sometimes a rider, in this case Mr. Tim Hughston in 2010, reflects on behalf of everyone when he says how much such a journey means to him and how it has changed his life. These journeys are life-changing and captures the mood and spirit perfectly.

Riders of the Americas #10

This is what can happen when a normally safe rider takes his eye of the ball, misinterprets a sign, doesn’t watch the changing road surface and how we as a team have to deal with the serious consequences.

Riders of the Americas #11
Back Roads Peru

A continuation of a client ride, led by Nick Sanders from New York to Patagonia. A day in the life of ordinary people on a trip of a lifetime. We are in central Peru riding on back roads that are rarely visited by overseas riders. Passing through small villages we are made welcome by the local mayor.

Riders of the Americas #12
A Riot in Lima

Yet another installment of this short series about Nick Sanders leading 15 riders from New York to Patagonia. This film passes through a riot near Lima in Peru and then on to the rubbish strewn streets of Juliaca, asking the question, ‘who is responsible for looking after the people?’

Riders of the Americas #13
Uyuni Salt Flats

Crossing another world, the Uyuni Salt Flats in central Bolivia. Over 3000 metres above sea level, the horizon might elevate no more than a metres for thousands of square kilometres.

Riders of the Americas #14
Mr Dawson takes a Tumble

The riders have left Uyuni in Bolivia to head south to Sucre across many miles of unpaved road when John Dawson crashes twice, the second time fracturing a bone in his foot. He's fine, he carries on and we head towards the Andes once again.

Riders of the Americas #15
Top of the Andes

This film tries to evoke the feeling of what it's like to be isolated 4500m up on the top of the Andes somewhere in Chile having crossed from Argentina. Sure, we had a support vehicle but it could not always be with all of the riders so they had to be self sufficient.

Riders of the Americas #16
In Patagonia

If I were not to live in Wales I would reside either in France or Patagonia. The vast wild open spaces and friendliness of the people is very seductive. This film briefly explores the emigration of Welsh settlers to the region 150 years ago as I ride the final section of this massive odyssey, "Riders of the Americas" - hope you enjoyed it.