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Volume 1: ‘This is a story about motorbiking in Britain. A beautiful ride across fantastic landscapes to meet amazing riders. Perhaps it’s a journey every biker should make. I rode over Hardknott Pass to get to Mad Sunday. At the North West 200 and the Skerries I met the racers and began to realise what heroes are. This is a film about mad, crazy, wonderful bikers, as well as the beautiful country we ride in. It’s also my first attempt to find Biker Britain; a hidden and special motorbike place. I love it.’

Volume 2: ’The second volume of Biker Britain continues its extraordinary journey across the heartlands of motorcycling and its heroes. I met Wall of Death showmen as well as ‘Hairy Biker’ Dave Myers, all of which contrasted with Eric Teboul’s 260mph hydrogen peroxide fuelled rocket bike. From the Bulldog Bash to the Yorkshire Bike Show I rode on my Yamaha XT660.

Biker Britain Volume 1 & 2 DVD

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