Moments #15 Most Beautiful Coast in the World (Southern Peru)

Back Roads

The great thing about slowing down the ride is that for the first time in my life I have the opportunity to take small back roads wherever I am. These are usually off-road pistes which the bike handles easily but where they go often proves really to be a path not often trod.

Puerta Lomas is a small one hotel resort which I would never normally have found. The route to it was cute and charming and led to a hideaway part of southern Peru. It’s “Moments” like this when unusual thoughts come to mind.

Parkinson’s Law

Cyril Parkinson, a British historian, first observed the trend during his time with the British Civil Service. He noted that as bureaucracies expanded, they became more inefficient. He then applied this observation to a variety of other circumstances, realising that as the size of something increased, its efficiency dropped. He found that even a series of simple tasks increased in complexity to fill up the time allotted to it. Therefore, as the length of time allocated to a task became shorter, the task became simpler and easier to solve. As I ride for longer with more time, I fill it with more things to do and inversely have less time per film project. With more time there could be a tendency to achieve less – slow down, look around, become less efficient. So I turned it around and found that by filming more, travelling harder, almost as hard as if I were on a mission, compressing the time – which ironically is something I do, that instead of filling the time with less I seem to be motivated to produce more thereby decreasing the time for what I have to do.

Behind the Scenes

The route along the coastline of southern Peru is the best coastline I have ever ridden on. By comparison, a noted coastline along Big Sur in California is domestic by comparison and short. This coastline south of Nazca to Moquegua took me two days and I’d return in a heartbeat.

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