Moments #14 Pan American Highway (part 1)

So I'm on the Pan American Highway, got to get a wriggle on as the best bits to film are in the Andes further south starting east of Nazca in Peru. Here though is the video start in northern Colombia having left my world biker friend daniel Todd in Medellin. I might not now make it to Montevideo but the rest should hold true.

A Life in the Day in Colombia

The first video here is called, "A Day in the Life" or is it "A Life in the Day in Colombia" - so much packed into to each ride. Small hotel and it reminds me of what I couldn't do for many years, take a little time out to look around and also to rest.

Ecuadorean Wall Mural

Having left Colombia and entered Ecuador I rode past this mural which set back against the moody sky caught my attention. It's started to rain and I'm in the small to medium hills of the Andes and now riding on the Pan American Highway.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Cuenca, Ecuador

What a church door. Some aspects of Ecuador are very impressive. I also got a photo of the seller on the steps, you see his stall on the right of the photograph.

You seller on the church steps, Cuenca

Kids seem to be so similar the world over these days. I think the mobile phone has harmonised, homogenised, the way they and maybe we as adults are and react to things. If there is one item apart from the internal combustion engine propelling trucks and cars that is ubiquitous to the world, it's the mobile telephone.

The Old Chevy on the Panamericana

Meeting this guy drive round on his old Chevrolet was a joy. he loved me filming his car which he was super proud of. It was a real heap but totally loved and used to collect firewood from the desert brushwood area. He lived in his shack farmstead in the desert for the last 38 years. Seemed untroubled by commercialism or progress. Nice guy.

Father & Son, the old fashioned way. Nice to see

And finally I reached Chiclayo in Peru yesterday and did all my business in a great little cafe called Cafe Espana. Parked my bike in a secure parking area the night before, found a tiny hotel for $9, had my dinner, did my work, slept well.

They're Moving Home (Peru!)

Now in Nazca, right now, today. We're live!

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