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Blog #9 Neuerburg to Saarbrucken

One minute you're in Germany then the next Luxembourg...then back to Germany or was it the other way round.

Looking at Google Maps all day, obviously a digital concept that plays out on the screen of your phone, you begin to realise you have no real idea where you are. Just trees, a forest, plain fields, delicate village life, shutters closed and little sign of life. Where is everybody. Are these dormer towns housing big city types or maintained as shrines for the long time dead. I've crossed a pidgeon nosed length of Germany just now and while I haven't spoken to many people but have never felt alone. The nature of feeling European in my head was reviving now I'm here.

Point being; Without the context that a map can give, spread out in front of you hands and knees, really exciting to work out a route using contours and gradations of colour for height of the hills. The tops of high mountains are always the grey of a dull dawn but at the summit it would be white. My screen size has no chance of competing with that. There is now a process in play presiding over how you travel.

So this is how the day starts

If you're in the vicinity of my world and in the actuality of tommorow being tommorow, you will get the significantly different Instagram version in the morning. Here's a sneaky peak.

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Harald Dreher
Harald Dreher
Sep 22, 2023

Hi Nick, Hallo Nick,

what a crazy idea. I'm speechless at the feat you're accomplishing.

Should you somehow come from Saarland towards Lake Constance, by all means contact me or write me your route, I will gladly give you accommodation. I really enjoyed my visit with you last year at the Expedition Center.

Harald from Germany

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