"Sometimes you get a blue day, a gray day, nothing seems to work out and then you get a great bit of appreciation from a Facebook mate or someone you don't really know. It's cool to hear and read - if you don't think it means anything, well it does - chapeau back to you..."  Nick Sanders

Perica Matijevic This 60 seconds rules!! I really believe this is (after long time) something that people will get crazy for. Nick Sanders you were my idol and the reason that I started to think about bike and touring...I do ride for a 7 years now, it changed my life and I love it! I must say that I was quite disappointed with the marketing, promotion and production of your few last projects. It just wasn't the best Nick I know :) Now, finally, these 60 seconds is excellent format, appealing, teasing, exciting, well direct, amazing shots... I finally feel that Nick is "on the road" again!!


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